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of the united states pacific command. honorable chip gregson, assistant secretary of defense for asian and pacific security affairs, and david shear deputy assistant secretary of state for east asian and pacific affairs, and we welcome you gentlemen to the first hearing before this committee. we're sort of pleased that you could join us today and testify on recent security developments, involving the country of china. also, wish to welcome admiral willard's wife, donna, who is seeded behind the good admiral. and we welcome you. is the admiral missteps of that, why, you just whisper in his hair and you help them out. welcome. this is a very important and very timely hearing. it's interesting to note that just this morning, press reports indicate that google is contemplating pulling out of china, which we may discuss a bit in our hearing. now stress for some time the critical significance of developments in china to our national security. in recent years while we have been focused on events in the middle east, and south asia, china's influence has grown in asia as well as beyond. i'm ple
neighbooods. the united states sent troops, and the united nations authoriz a peaceeping mission to pacify the gangs and some say the aristeed supporters in t country'sslum. the u.n.ission has been controversial in haiti. accused of killing indiscriminately the people 's suppos to beprotecting. since 2006, the country has continued struggle for stabilit in 08, foururricanes kild at least 800 pple and caused more than a billion dollars in damage. oath last year it did international financial institutio and the united states finally cance haiti's 1$1.2 billi debt. the u.n. has appointe clinton its special envoy f haiti as international aid begins flowing into the cotry once again, the queion remains. can a former u.s. president and ign aid really deal with the afrshocks of haiti's history? avi lewis, al jazeer >> f moreon haiti's history of hardshi we're joinedy our editorial consultt, peter eisner, a long-time correspondent who spealizes in latin america d the cariean. good to see ou, peter. lookinat the entrencd oblems that iti already faced, what you see as some of the main challenges f
the united states and china's security relationship and encouraged by the joint statement that raumted from the president's recent visit to china. i welcome the administration's efforts to increase u.s. and china relations and cooperation in areas of common interests ranging from counterterrorism and nonproliferation to energy security. we must work together with china for the settlement of conflicts and reduction of retentions that contribute to global and regional instact including denuclearization of korean peninsula and the situation in south asia. i particular welcome the administration's support for increasing military to military contacts i've long viewed contacts is essential. it builds trust, promotes understanding, prevents conflicts and it fosters cooperation, and given my own visits to china in recent years i know how important these relationships are. looking back at u.s./china security cooperation under the previous administration, there are positive steps, but there's still much progress to be reeved. in the new administration will continue to face many challenges and i remai
of the other agencies that are dealing with this unbelievable human tragedy. >>> the united states government has launched a massive recovery effort. america is doing the heavy lifting to help our neighbor. for more, let me bring in senator robert menendez. he chairs the foreign relations subcommittee that oversees u.s. aid. senator menendez, nice tough with us tonight. >> thank you, ed. and i wish it was a different -- a different topic we would be discussing. absolutely, sir. i know these are tough times. urgently what do we need to do as america right now? what do they have to have? they have to have everything, we are rebuilding a country right now, but as this relief effort has taken place what strikes you at this hour? >> well, at first, let me just say thoughts and prayers are with the haitian people and their families. many here in new jersey and throughout the united states. and what we are doing in the first instance, this is search and rescue, still with the hope and aspiration of saving lives. and those who are under the rubble, those who maybe trapped, as well as taking care of t
in from around the world. >> people of haiti will have the full support of the united states. >> extensive team fox coverage of the horror in haiti. it's likely to become the greatest humanitarian crisis in this part of the world in decades. there is no way to know how many people lost their lives in that 7.0 quake. estimates of the death toll are all over the map, so we won't even guess. you heard the government prediction. tonight witnesses on the ground are describing the destruction as unimaginable. some of the images coming into our news room are predictably graphic. amateur video shows how the earth just opened up, flattening much of the capital, port-au-prince, a city of 2 million people. witnesses report human bodies are being piled in the streets. survivors tell us you can hear the cries of people and children trapped in the rubble on every corner. there is no equipment to unearth them, no first responders to help them, and tonight no relief aid to give them, no light even to see them. the united nations says the main prison in the capital collapsed. the police chief says more tha
that a nigerian was being prepared for attacks in the united states on the homeland. my understanding is the least one of those intersects i think there were several specifically mentioned umar farouk abdulmutallab, the first two names. if you put it together with the fact this suspect's own father and not just anyone off the street as it has been stated by some in the intelligence community but a respected nigerian banker went physically to the embassy and talked to not one agency but to, the department and central intelligence agency and wasn't in missing person report. he said he was conservative his son, he's in yemen, and the nsa intercepted background. follow those meetings with written communications and telephone calls. we know that yemen is a hotbed of terrorism. apparently intelligence community didn't receive a possibility al qaeda and the arab peninsula might attack the homeland which is the story is another failure of imagination and it seems al qaeda is fixation on aviation system all of it seems to me not just in retrospect but before the effect of to have been enough to put on high
about that, to suggest that the president of the united states would then come out and try to use this in some domestic political sense and was somehow favoring -- i'm not sure of the logic, he favored the 500,000 dead in haiti over the one bomber injured in detroit in some way. i'm not following it. >> it makes no sense. and, you know, aren't we all appalled that our president would mount a rescue effort to try to save thousands, tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people who are either dying right now or who will die in the next few days if they don't get help? you know, shame on the president for trying to alleviate that suffering and prevent those deaths. it's just a ridiculous thing to say. and i hope even his audience of dittoheads realizes that. >> you are dittoing naked, mad, insanity, and racism. eugene robinson, pulitzer prize-winning columnist of "the washington post," and also of msnbc, always a relief to talk to you under these circumstances. >> it's good to talk to you, except under bad circumstances. >> thank you, sir. that's "countdown." now to contin
an attack possibly here in the united states. we will have the breaking details just ahead. >>> hello, everybody, i'm david shuster live in new york. let's get the very latest on the situation on the ground in haiti. nbc's kerry sanders is at the airport in port-au-prince where a massive international relief effort is being staged. and kerry, what are you seeing right now? >> reporter: well, david, this is a makeshift ambulance here. americans are being evacuated out. nancy, who is from dallas, is among those who is evacuating out. first of all, your health, how are you? >> i have a pelvic problem but otherwise doing well. >> reporter: great. where were you when the buildings collapsed when the quake hit? >> we were in an eye clinic. >> reporter: so did anything collapse on you? >> oh, yes, a lot of concrete. a lot of concrete ceiling. >> reporter: how did you get dug out? >> several men finally took about two or three hours. two of our girls were completely covered. my upper body was still out. we have one critical, but she's doing good, getting good care now. >> reporter: nancy, tel
. the people of haiti will have the full support of the united states in the urgent rescue of those trapped beneath the rubble, to deliver humanitarian relief, food, water and medicine haitians will need in the coming days. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is returning to washington to continue her relief effort. the agencies is headed by a fella named rajiv shah. let's go to the head of salvation army who is joining us by skype. i've been in touch to you tonight so far, bob. give us a sense of being there in haiti, in the capital city, in the midst of all of that hell tonight. >> well, it's a very ominous place to be, to be honest with you. storm clouds just rolled in a little while ago. it's keeping us on our edge and it's a fairly nervous place to be tonight. >> have the relief efforts arrived at all? >> we are on the edge of that. we would know. we have team and supplies arriving tomorrow. that will help us to begin the distribution of resources to the haitian people. >> again, i asked you about this a couple of hours ago. i think everyone needs to know how bad the plight is in ha
for all international relief efforts headed to the earthquake zone. today the united states air force landed with pallets of supplies but help cannot arrive quickly enough and can't get inland quickly enough. 65 french rubble clearing specialists and sniffer dogs landed this morning. their knowledge will be invaluable but think about it, a minimum of tens of thousands of buildings are on the ground a minimum of tens of thousands of people are dead. the government is now estimating upwards of a quarter million dead people potentially. i mean relief effort looks beautiful and thank god for them but the task at hand. in addition, china, belgium, spain, three dozen countries are on the ground. bill hemmer is watching it all. what a busy spot that's been, billy. >> it has, shepard. the food and water you talk about with steve harrigan is not coming. we've been here the better part of 9 1/2 hours and this airport over the past two hours slowed down considerably. i fully expect the when we arrived at daybreak today we would see the pallets of water and food but it hasn't happened yet. i say
will be checking in with haiti's ambassador in the united states. lots more breaking news coverage coming up here in "the situation room." years from now, how will we look back on today? as the great recession? or as the recession that made us great? allstate has seen twelve recoveries. but this one's different. because we're different. we realized our things are not as important... as the future we're building with the ones we love. protect yours. put it... in good hands. ♪ ♪ wellbeing. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nuture it in your cat... with a full family of excellent nutrition... and helpful resources. ♪ purina cat chow. share a better life. >>> here is a fresh look at the 7.0 earthquake. at the moment it struck haiti, tuesday, 48 hours or so ago, weather developments this hour. president obama's now promising $100 million in immediate aid from the united states. a huge challenge for the obama administration getting americans out of the country and getting aid in. about 160 americans have been evacuated so far. several hundred more are set to go. aid pilots are
now from port-au-prince is giles colbert charleston. he moved from port-au-prince to the united states last july. what took you from this country to that country, giles? >> i decided to move to haiti because i think it was the right time to get involved into helping and providing my contribution to renewal, transformation of the country. i lived in the states for over 20 years now. i think it was the right opportunity, the right time. there were a lot of things going on that seemed right for me and the involvement to make a difference. i think as a haitian-american, i live abroad. i think it's important that we take seriously the opportunity that we need to come back home and give our share to help the country and provide our assistance to help it move forward. >> larry: what do you do there? >> i presently work for a micro financial institution. i'm the chief information officer. >> larry: can you say after the events of the last two days you're glad you went back? >> that's a very interesting question. i think someone else actually -- one of our sponsors from the states actually aske
with colorado district attorney and united states attorney in colorado to ensure the cases were pursued by the most effected meaned. my office focused on enforcement by deceptive advertising on local borrowers and egregious cases. we examined the advertising of dozens loan originators for act violations. seize and assist letters went to those advertisers who were not disclosing an apr or who are disclosing inaccurate apr. by late 2006, our newspapers were full with option payment a.r.m. loan. they failed to disclose the borrowers would experience if they made over the minimum payment. they were led to believe they were buying a fixed-interest rate when only the first monthly payment was at the advertised rate. we issue subpoenas and conducted numerous depositions. the witness told us the teaser rates really quote, made the phones light up, unquote. it was clear that thousands of colorado borrowers got into the loan without knowing the true nature, the significant negative amityization that they were added and the penalties that came with the loan. a number went out of business. we reach
in charge. the united states has really taken de facto control of the air strip. here is what is happening as we go on the air tonight. the international red cross made news today, grim news with their latest estimates that the death toll before it's over will number between 45,000 and 50,000. the urgent needs right now, food, water and fuel. as everyone here has said, as the president himself said today, aid to haiti is a top priority for everyone in the free world. again, another desperate day here in haiti, a race against time that continues around the clock. this city has been crushed. from the air it looks like the life has gone out of it, and from the ground, it almost has. the bodies are everywhere, frozen under the concrete. some painful last moments, terrified people grasping each other for comfort. there are so many of the dead, the morgue is full. today, haiti's president estimated he has buried 7,000 citizens so far in a common grave. >> we need some help to carry them dead bodies and try to bury them. >> dazed and numb, the living seem almost oblivious, except for the smell of
was active during the haiti-ç-another thing i want t know is the united states -- united nations isçó a criminal organization. it's responsible for the spread+ of the swine flu. it was pattening -- peatenting it as well.ko this is an effort to -- host: tony, you believe the united states has patented swine flu and responsible for spreading it? >> i don't know if the united states. i think the world health organization. host: why would they do that? caller: because they practice in genocide. they want to reduce the populationç by 80%. this is all part ofñ)ççw3;3 agenda.t( agenda 21.ç >> we'll leaveç this segmentçm the "washingtonç journal" and take you live to the white house. president obama will speak about haiti relief efforts. >> good morning, everybody. i have directed myç administration to launch a swift, coordinated, and aggressive effort to save lives and support the recovery inç haiti. the losses that have been suffered in haiti are nothing less than devastating. in responding to disaster of this magnitude will require every elementçç of our nation capa
they will bring them. the shortages are in just about everything. today, planes from the united states, china, france, and spain were among those landing at the airport. the military making it possible for supplies to fly in around the clock. all the more critical because of heavy damage to the port. president obama warned it may take hours or days for all american resources to get on the ground. >> none of this will seem quick enough if you have a loved one he was trapped, if you're sleeping on the streets, if you cannot feed your children. but it is important that everyone in haiti understand at this moment one of the largest relief efforts in our recent history is moving towards haiti. >> but mobilizing the ever- expanding international relief effort is only the first step. the logistical challenge of turning that into search and rescue operations for all the collapsed buildings, into medical help needed for the injured, and food and walter and shelter -- food and water and shelter for all those without homes is a nightmare. they are battling to cope. >> there are many people who survived,
dispute this and warn of tooth decay, constipation and worse. the united states ambassador to haiti has taken a personal interest in lessening dependence on the cookies. >> i've actually taken members of congress down to cite soleil and they've seen it, too. >> what do they say when they see people eating rt? >> well, it's worrisome. it's very worrisome and we don't like to see it. >> since the u.n. arrived in haiti in 2006 as peacekeepers, nutrition has improved in pockets, but the dirt cookies are still being eaten. the widespread hunger means hundreds of kids starting another school day in cite soleil as the haitian flag is raised, will be reduced to eating dirt. this, despite international efforts. >> there is hope, by the way. there is hope. because despite the bleak picture, it is doable to lift haiti out of poverty. >> but even the most optimistic observers agree the future is bleak for ese kids without two elements long missing in haiti -- money and a stable government. reporting in cite soleil, haiti, this has been art schmidt for "worldfocus." >>> officials in yemen said today
on "today" and tonight on "nbc nightly news" right here on this nbc station. >>> and with the united states launching a major relief operation, secretary of state hillary clinton is cutting short her pacific trip to help spearhead the american aid effort. secretary clinton had been scheduled for travel to new guin guinea, australia and new zee land. instead, clinton will be heading back to washington where she will lead the state department's relief efforts. >>> and later on the "today" show, meredith vieira speaks with secretary clinton about the qaa fast any in haiti and what steps the u.s. will be taking with relief efforts. that's this morning on "today" right here on your nbc station. >>> and as the united states brings aid to haiti, the question of health care here at home continues to dominate on capitol hill. following a meeting yesterday, president obama and democratic leaders say they've moved forward on an overhaul but have yet to settle on a final deal. meanwhile, a group of 15 attorneys general are now threaten to go sue over a controversial subsidy that would reportedly bring
that have fallen altogether. so what we have here are -- there are several crews from the united states, three crews that have been working their way to haiti, getting there as fast as they could along with equipment to lift up these massive slabs of concrete. we can take it again from the top. what we're seeing here is this group from fairfax. let's listen into it. [ applause ] >> reporter: you can see here basically what's happening is we knew there were people and there still are, people who have been trapped under rubble. the u.n. said it could have been one of the worst days in its history in recent years. obviously there are a lot of lives at stake right there. it's not the kind of thing that people just on their own can come along and pull up the stuff. you need the power and the equipment to lift up the concrete that's there. so we have this group now from fairfax. you're well familiar with them. as we can see they have managed to rescue one person. we also know there are other crews on the way to various sites in haiti, including the u.n. headquarters and their goal there is to
. >> the people of haiti will have the full support of the united states in the urgent effort to rescue those trapped beneath the rubble. and to deliver the humanitarian relief, the food, water, and medicine that haitians will need in the coming days. >> by dawn, the president received three briefings on the earthquake. by mid-morning he placed coordination for relief efforts the head of the u.s. agency for international development. >> it's a significant effort and we're committed to doing everything we can. >> with the government buildings in haiti destroyed and a frantic search for survivors underway, the u.s. accounted for all 172 embassy employees. eight americans were wounded, four critically, who are now receiving treatment after being airlifted off the island. the next task assess the needs of 45,000 u.s. citizens living and working in haiti. the damage assessment teams and rescue squads arrived late today. the immediate u.s. goals reopen the airport and the ports vital to moving supplies in and refugees out. in a phone interview with fox, humanitarian aid worker described the quake's
from across the united states are volunteering after a call went out by that nation's largest nurse's organization, national nurses united working on a plan to get the first group of health professionals into haiti. >>> faa put a stop to american flights leaving the united states to head to port-au-prince at least temporarily. there are too many planes circling the island and not enough air traffic control to bring them in. more on that story from peter alexander. how long are they expecting to keep these planes in the united states grounded. >> the faa right now to try to gather new information. we know it's going to last until 2:00 p.m. eastern time, right now. one of the problems is overcrowding at that airport. i guess the best way to put it, there's not enough people to get everything off the tarmac now. the military flights with generators, water purifying pills, medicine, they have the priority to land. at one point there are 11 flights circling the island, the nation with really no place to go. one of the fears is because there's no jet fuel available, there is a fear if the
were crushed. desperation. >> no hospital. no electricity. nothing. >> the united states is taking the lead in getting help to haiti. >> we have to be there for them in their hour of need. >> the u.s. vincent was deployed. army, aircraft and marines. his house barely standing, haiti's president spoke to brian williams. >> i know the -- of the people of the united states. i thank them for this gesture. >> haitian-americans gathered in washington and new york holding vigil for millions caught in a cruel disaster. still about 45,000 americans in haiti. so far only a fraction of them have contacted the u.s. embassy. >> this morning four johns hopkins students in haiti are said to be ok and local aid is on the way. >> good morning. well, the u.s. navy command has yet to say whether the ship will be headed to haiti but we know it has been activated and we know it is set to set sail on monday. it needs five days to get the ship ready. 60-70 civil mariners. their job will be to navigate, operate and maintain the u.s.s. comfort which is a floating hospital. they have 12 operating rooms alon
many different governments trying to help the united states greatly leading the way here without haiti having an effective government, you have to have someone, it seems to be the u.s., get control of this and make sure these supplies get out to those people. still ahead, more on the crisis in haiti. we're going to talk with an american doctor trying to get in touch with family in the disaster zone and on their way to help. >> plus we're also keeping an eye on the other news today. there's new intelligence that suggests al qaeda may be planning another attack against the united states. former homeland security secretary tom ridge will join us. you're watching msnbc. i've set up this simulation so that we, the donalds, can practice against the mannings before the big race. great idea. terrific. [ splash ] you just lose to a piece of cardboard. ♪ and over probably isn't giving results you want. introducing neosporin ® lip health™. shown to restore visibly healthier lips in just three days. new neosporin ® lip health™. rethink your lip care. >>> democrats in congress back at the w
that was -- we were able to help. >> a global response led by the united states. as american survivors jam the airport, desperate to get out, one graduate student with nbc's kerry sanders. >> i -- i was hoping i would die quickly instead of slowly, because i was stuck. but then they got me out. >> president obama mobilizes his cabinet, saying this is one of those moments that call out for american leadership. and he had this message to the people of haiti. >> to the people of haiti, be we say clearly and with conviction, you will not be foresaken. you will not be forgotten. in this, your hour of greatest need, america stands with you. the world stands with you. >> but with no power or communication, the people of haiti cannot see or hear him. >> nbc news has learned mr. obama has called former president george w. bush to team up with bill clinton and work on relief effort. secretary of state hillary clinton after canceling her trip to the pacific flew back overnight to washington. >> we are expecting, you know, a great number of fatalities and serious injuries. we know it's going to be in
. thank you so much. >> reporter: in the meantime, back in the united states, obviously a lot of concern for the many families with loved ones in haiti. right now, one college campus is awaiting word on information about a group of students and faculty in haiti when the earthquake struck. twelve students from lynn university in south florida were on a humanitarian mission to distribute food and clothing and visit orphanages so far. the school has received word that parents have heard five students are safe. other parents who have yet to hear anything at all are trying to remain hopeful. >> a real loving person, it was something the school was offering, she really wanted to do it, she felt like it was a good cause and wanted to go on this trip. i talked to her sunday night and she was very upbeat, saying she had to get up at the crack of dawn, and looked on her facebook post, she always posts something there, it said it's 36 degrees and i'm out to save the world. >> the tight -- title of this course was journey for hope, haiti, and that's what we've got, we're hopeful. we know these stude
to survive, as the united states and the world rush to help. this special edition of "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> good evening, i'm lester holt in new york. brian williams is in haiti night. a country brought to its knees by a catastrophic 7.0 earthquake. brian joins us on the telephone from port-au-prince with the very latest. >> reporter: lester, this is a desperate country tonight. we are in the middle of a dark tarmac in port-au-prince international airport in haiti. imagine there is no power, no lights unless they're coming off the aircraft. no food or water to speak of, and now the relief flights are starting to come in. you hear the prop wash from one plane in the background. some of them, and this is the cost of good intentions, are dropping relief supplies on a tarmac. there aren't enough people or moving vehicles with gasoline to come and get the bandages and syringes. we saw one fetal monitor that stood in the middle of one tarmac with no one to claim it. this is to be expected. we are still in the early hours of this crisis, and we
of haiti will have the full support of the united states in the urgent effort to rescue those trapped beneath the rubble and to deliver the humanitarian relief, the food, water, and medicine that haitians will need in the coming days. i pledge to the people of haiti that you will have a friend and partner in the united states of america today and going forward. >> smith: haiti is about 700 miles from miami sharing the caribbean island of hispaniola with the dominican republic. about nine million people live there, most in poverty. and katie couric tells us now many people woke up today to find what little they had was gone. >> couric: dawn is supposed to bring hope, but today sunlight revealed hundreds dead in the streets of port-au-price. (screaming) >> couric: parents have lost children and children have lost parents. survivors not overcome with grief are using their bare hands to remove the rubble, hoping to find signs of life. it's now a race to save the people buried against the destroyed neighborhoods and shantytowns of the capital city. >> information the full extent of the dam
-au-prince right now. the capital of haiti. planes from the united states, as well as from china, from france and spain landed at the airport, bringing water, which is desperately needed in that country. food and medicine, along with search and rescue teams. while aid workers say there's no system in place, certainly no government in place to get that aid to the people. you're looking at the pictures right now of the situation today. the international red cross meanwhile is estimating right now the number has gone down from yesterday, only -- only -- 45,000 to 50,000 people dead in this earthquake. with another 3 million people in need of emergency relief. here in washington, our nation's capital, president obama promised an all-out rescue and humanitarian effort and announced $100 million in aid to the victims of the earthquake. >> to the people of haiti, we say clearly and with conviction, you will not be forsaken. you will not be forgotten. in this, your hour of greatest need, america stands with you. the world stands with you. >> president obama also called on former presidents george w.
in the next hour the faa has put a ground stop on all flights going from the united states into haiti. in the bottom box, we are now letting that former president bill clinton and george w. bush have agreed to team up and held the haiti relief effort in much the same way that clinton and george h.w. bush teamed up for tsunami and other world relief programs. and breaking right now we have brand new pictures coming into "the live desk." this is new video of the exact moment the 7.0 quake hit. first you will see the camera shake. keep your eye to the left-hand side of the screen. you can see the row of houses starts to crumble like dominoes. from left-to-right sending out the cloud of smoke. you can see in the street there people are running down the street. as we get more video like this into "the live desk" it is coming in fast and furious. we will show it to you here. that is at the very moment of the quake. alisyn: help is on the way. the president announcing the u.s. is sending money. at this hour rescue and relief crews from around the world are scrambling. the state department is
of state hillary clinton says the united states is doing everything it can and there is a peacekeeping force on the street bringing law and order. >> this is incredibly complex work. we have some of the best people in the world from the united states down there and we're just going to do everything we can to be helpful. >> reporter: the "uss carl vincent" was destroyed. more military aircraft, even marines are all headed to haiti today. the country's now-homeless president spoke with the outpouring of support. >> i know that the money of the people of the united states and i thank them for this gesture. >> reporter: last night president obama called former president george w. bush and asked him to participate in a humanitarian relief effort, alongside former president bill clinton. president bush said that he was ready to do whatever was necessary. it's similar to what his father did with clinton after the south asian tsunami. joe? >>> thanks, elaine. brand-new video coming in this morning o the fairfax county urban search and rescue team hard at work in haiti. one of the first jobs of
, but the need for relief is all too painfully clear as the united states and the world mobilizes to save as many lives as fast as they possibly k.haiti is described as one of the worst places on earth on a good day. now in the wake of a mavis earthquake with no power, no water to drink and a country that had almost no infrastructure to begin with, one of the worst places on earth is in the midst of almost unimaginable suffering. tonight, the very first images of the 7.0 magnitude quake when it struck. cbs news has acquired video of buildings collapsing in haiti's capital city port-au-prince just before 5:00 p.m. eastern time yesterday. and from youtube, unconfirmed video of what appears to be a large dust cloud that settled over the city after the earthquake. very little in port-au-prince was left standing. the large white presidential palace used to look like this. now, what's left of it, looks like this. the parliament building flattened. hospitals, schools, the main prison, entire neighborhoods all gone. the catholic cathedral has been reduced to rubble. the catholic archbish often port-au-pr
-au-prince, there would also be extensive damage in the united states. again, it's a geological phenomenon that happens all the time, but as of now, the year 2010, geologists still don't have a great way of predicting exactly when and where earthquakes are going to happen. it has been a remarkable 30 hours in port-au-prince in haiti since the earthquake struck at approximately 5:00 p.m. eastern time on wednesday. the latest numbers suggest that at least, according to officials, hundreds of thousands killed. some officials now suggesting it could be as high as half a million. the red cross is saying that 3 million residents in haiti were affected in one way or another by the earthquake. and, again, relief supplies, well, they are starting to arrive at the airport. there is a devastating challenge that is facing the country as far as getting those supplies actually in to port-au-prince. stay with msnbc on cable and on the internet for complete coverage of the aftermath of the earthquake in haiti. i'm david shuster. up next "countdown with keith olbermann." >>> this was where lived the most powerless of t
to the united states this morning. he thinks there's about 100,000 casualties. other estimates as high as 500,000. what's your best estime right now? >> george, i don't want to hazard a guess. we know from the analysis we're doing with the teams that are on the ground there, that it's devastated. there are about 3 million people affected. thousands and thousands, don't want to put a number, but tens of thousands, we fear are dead. many thousands more injured. you know, when you look at the television pictures that you and others are broadcasting, you see all of this. but when you're on the ground, you see the roads that are totally impassable. an airport that was knocked out of commission. no air traffic control. trying to piece together the step-by-step, patient work that is necessary to minimize the loss of both life. and try to get people back into some semblance of normalcy, is just very hard. >> this is a country that's just going to have to be rebuilt from the ground-up, isn't i >> well, thankfully, the people of haiti are a resilient people. i've been going down there, i hate to say it
started trickling in. united states has sent the biggest rescue teams. they have pledged funds. a few planes have already landed in haiti. american naval ships are on their way. getting to where help is most urgently needed is not easy. much of haiti's infrastructure is in ruins. debris and collapsed buildings are a major obstacle. >> we are going to need water, food, and medicine. there are a lot of people injured who have not yet found all of the people buried under their houses. as we continue with this work, we will need a lot of medication and a lot of help. >> world bank has announced $100 billion of emergency aid. the red cross has begun a $10 million appeal. given the extent of the devastation, that is not enough. according to former u.s. president bill clinton -- >> i have been working in heartbreaking circumstances like this for three decades now. what we need now is food, water, supplies, first aid, and shelter. >> halfway across the globe, more expressions of sympathy. foreign ministers of southeast asian nations led the support and funds. resourceful nation's work hard to
: that's correct, jeff. we've seen the president of the united states twice since this disaster unfolded 48 hours ago, both times outlining the logistical efforts on the part of the united states, military, civilian as well as regular citizens and ngos based in the united states and calling for a compassionate response on the part of the american people outlining any number of times numbers you can call. visit if you're interested in giving any money. after you get over the search and rescue effort over the next 72 hours, both the president and first lady in comments today have said this will take months if not years to rebuild port-au-prince and the surrounding areas as well. $1 million the president says the u.s. will start now towards haiti. he is calling for more and leaves no doubt of the fact that it's going to require much more than that. today he appeared flanked by secretary clinton, by others, admiral mullen, who will be instrumental in this. the president also, from a public relations standpoint had the first lady made comments earlier today at the labor departm
got it. welcome everybody, the president of the united states today all but demanding a new bank tax, a fee payback but who is paying? big financial if i did who took government loans out, automakers and mortgage companies under government control. these gays paid back with interest and are getting hit. these guys paid nothing and won't get hit at all. reaction from donald trump, who is okay with that. good to have you. >> hi, neil. >> what do you make of this? >> when they go to a bank they charge me fees. the problem is the government gave them this money and they won't loan t not only did they get the money, they're not loaning it to the public and you have businesses going down and unemployment so high so as far as i'm concerned, it's fine they're charging fees. they took billions an billions of dollars and they're going to be charged fees. >> a lot of them paid the money back and then some and early and wouldn't it hurt their ability to pay out these loans and help folks if they're paying knew fees on top? >> they weren't doing in anyway. that's the problem. no matter what you h
of haiti. the united states got him back. so he's now back in charge. they're providing law and order. >> an irish digital is working to repair the communication system. the red cross seeing supplies exhausted and hoping to air lift another 40-tons of medical and surgical supplies, including 100 stretchers and 3,000 body bags. the world bank and imf pledged grants of 100 million. canada pledged up to 50 million. britain and australia, 10 million each. india and china, 1 million each. but it was already clear the haitian people are suffering in ways that money or medicine will never fix. >> i am a survivor. there are lots of dead everywhere. i would like to say to the people around the world that all of us in haiti are victims. >> white house press secretary robert gibbs emphasized that the haitian government, not the united states, is running haiti. and the white house confirmed also that in response to a request from president obama, his two immediate predecessors, bill clinton and george w. bush, will mount a relief effort similar to the one that mr. clinton and george herbert walke
which is a huge security problem when dealing with devastation of this scale. here in the united states during hurricane katrina we had general honore who got it to happen. the united states is sending 2,000 marines to help the u.n. peace keepers who have served as police in haiti in the past. a little over a hundred will leave today. what they will do is prepare for the arrival of another roughly 800 personnel tomorrow. then some 2,200 marines are being deployed to help with security as well as search and rescue and the delivery of humanitarian supplies, so important. >> we're going to work with the international peacekeepers under the u.n. to supplement them in providing security. they have been basically the police force. haiti doesn't have an army. they didn't have have much police force. it is being rebuilt by the united nations with our assistance. this is a country that's suffered so many blows. last year it was four hurricanes. this year an earthquake. it is hard almost to imagine. but the people of haiti are resilient. they are a hopeful people. we are going to do everything we
.n. and the u.n. and the united states government together are the major coordinators for this kind of humanitarian disaster around the world. both of them, they have the capability and the u.n. operates on voluntary contributions and so we're very involved in that. the website is for people who want to contribute. this is the best kind of coordination the u.n. and the u.s. work very closely together, as i think your earlier discussions with president clinton suggests. it's pulling people together, it's the communications, it's the health, all the things you've heard about. it has to be operated centrally and it has to be funded. >> larry: ted, have you been to haiti? >> i have not. i've been to jamaica. the bahamas. >> larry: senator, have you been there? >> i've been there a number of times. i've been there many times over the last 30 years. the size of this tragedy is just enormous. these people are so resilient. they put up with just about everything. you think the plague and locusts are going to happen next. this is a culture that's very deep, very strong, just
rush. >>> the united states has grounded all planes bound for haiti at the request of the haitian government. these include flights carrying humanitarian aid. there is no room on the ground for the planes and no fuel for the planes to return. they hope to have planes back in the air later today or tomorrow. that is your money watch report. >>> coming up next on eyewitness news at 4:00, back in the hot seat. mark sanford faces his peers as they look to reprimand him to use state aircraft to visit his mistress. >>> the sun was out bringing warmth, but is it all over? the answer is just ahead in first warning weather. >>> eyewitness news is always on. go to for the latest on the news and weather. >>> finally a break in our temperatures. the cold grip that had us by the neck haslett us go. we are looking at 49 degrees. it feels like a heat wave compared to the 20s and 30s. 49 is above the average for this time of year of 41. we have finally gone above the normal temperatures. 18 is the dew point now. 28% relative humidity with a nice south wind at 5 miles an hour. 30.22" and r
of this country, trying to help. >> the people of haiti will have the full support of the united states in the urgent effort to rescue those trapped beneath the rubble and to deliver the humanitarian relief. >> and for this, he is criticized on public airwaves today by a deranged racist. >> so play right into obama's hands, humanitarian, compassionate -- they'll use this to burnish their, shall we say, credibility with the black community. >> and a senile money-scamming fraud says this happened because hatians made "a deal with the devil." >>> plus, the waning days for health care reform here. the house fights back. the excise tax may be eliminated or reduced. but the insurance cartel may have been illegally funneling millions into anti-reform ad campaigns. congressman anthony weiner joins us. >>> as we are reminded of what health care reform really means by an awful message of nightmarish reality from a place, a place this time not so very far away. all the news and commentary now on "countdown." >>> good evening from new york. there are words, three of them, that are enough to stop co
, president obama pledged the full support of the united states. >> haitians are our neighbors in the americas and here at home, so we have to be there for them in their hour of need. >> reporter: the "uss carl vincent" will be a base at sea to provide communications and supplies like fresh water. many have taken to the internet to show support. less than 24 hours after the quake, a text message campaign has raised more than $1 million for the red cross. and that help i soarly needed, as we've just said. in fact, still now, there are stories emerging of people still waiting for medical care. currently, most of the hospitals are down, and so people are in clinics, basically out on the street, triage clinics, people are coming to these clinics asking for help, but there are a lot of people, matt and meredith, who are not still now getting the medical care they need after this devastating earthquake. now back to you. >> and we're hearing there are no medical supplies to be had. let's brg in brian williams, who is there at the airport along with ann and al. brian, good morning to you. >> reporter:
is to the united states? when he said the americans are already using these in an ad hoc sort of fashion. they bought a certain things in egypt and support things in this and that, but they haven't put it all together yet. i'm going to put it altogether and demonstrate that i am the best counterterrorism analyst the west has ever had a domestic my stomach in their eye, they haven't come up with a strategy that's but mcorp to inoculate the global movement from these efforts by identifying them and agree to make sure they can't hurt us in the future because we are aware of them so from then forward he is always like there is another one. this is why i was saying he is the investigative reporter for al-qaeda. so the six steps -- and the fine back trackers is something anybody who used to be a big voice in the global jihadist movements then renounces al-qaeda hurts them. he says it hurts that really bad. at a college by barking dogs metric, however many of our yapping response to something is indicator of how vulnerable they feel. besides every cancellations or revisions of all these guys re
of the screen if you are looking for these numbers, and if you are in the united states and you want to get information about the american loved ones in the quake zone, here is the number, 1-888-407-4747. that is the one set up by the state department. now, if you want information about the non-u.s. citizens in haiti call the red cross. again, if you want details about people in haiti who are not american nationals call the red cross, and that number is 1-800-red cross. the relief effort is under way live hanging in the balance there. we will be live in port-au-prince coming up in a moment. and here is another place that you can donate without worrying about scams. take a look at the screen. now get free delivery of walmart's $10 90-day generic prescriptions... matter where you live. plus get free shipping on over 3,000 other prescriptions. call 1-800-2-refill for your free home delivery. save money. live better. walmart. morning because my back hurt so bad. >>> hello, everyone. i'm don lemon in today for rick sanchez. ivan watson has been on the scene in port-au-prince in haiti reall
borders has a field hospital set up. what is the united states doing in terms of bringing down medical teams to help care for the many, many people we see so desperately in need? ivan watson had a story of a woman whose foot had been amputated in a collapse and she'd been sitting outside with a tourniquet for more than 24 hours. >> the hospitals in port-au-prince have collapsed. there's a few facilities still opening, but not really capable of handling the surge of need. the other groups are there. the united states is bringing down medical personnel. we have some on the ground right now. i know that there are trauma teams that have been dispatched. we have the "carl vinson" aircraft carrier on the way which will be able to provide assistance. we've got the "uss comfort" getting ready to leave, to get down there. but the immediate trauma crisis, we're trying to meet with volunteer doctors, with military doctors and others, because the -- as you're right. this is a large area involving many, many, many millions of people who have been cut off from access, just getting to people to provi
? will we fight for the men and women who wear the uniform of the united states military? finally, will we finish our work and overcome the devastations of from the floods and tornadoes and rebuild a stronger, greener, more sustainable state tax [applause] -- sustainable state? [applause] i believe that history teaches us time and time again that the iowa way, the american way is that we are faced with great diversity and a great challenge, we meet them with bold, decisive action. this is no time for fear, for partisanship, and inaction, instead, let's finish what we started, unafraid of tomorrow, and inspired by its possibilities. i will do my part and i look forward to working with the house and senate leadership and all the members and i know that together, we will have a successful session. good luck in the days ahead and look forward to working with each and everyone of you. may god bless the great state of ottawa. let's embrace this future, making this iowa century with an unwavering faith that our best days are ahead of us. thank you and god bless. [applause] thank you. thank you. l
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